You’ve tried everything and are still struggling in life!

You’re multi-passionate with ideas for days, excel at procrastination, and are a champion overthinker! 

Human Design shows you how to celebrate and leverage that procrastinating, overthinking brain right into success for your business, health, spiritual growth, and relationships in just 1 session!


Just 1 Human Design Foundation session solves the mystery of why you procrastinate, feel so overwhelmed, and struggle to find success. 

Book a practical Human Design Foundation session that you can use to find answers to the questions keeping you up at night!

In just a single session, you’ll get enough information to make significant changes in these areas:

  • how you approach your goals (heal Goal Trauma)
  • grow your client base
  • undo money blocks
  • improve relationships 
  • better your health 
  • open your intuitive gifts
  • find or deepen your sense of spiritual connections

What is Human Design? 

Human Design is a synergistic blend of astrology, the I’Ching, Kabbalah, quantum energy, chakras, and a dash of true mystery.

To be honest – I’ve been studying for years, am certified at the highest level, and I STILL don’t entirely know how it works!

What I DO know is that it very quickly changes the lives of my clients in jaw-dropping ways when it’s implemented. 

“I feel like the odd one out. I’m seriously the black sheep of my family.”
“I never feel understood. It’s so lonely sometimes.”
“I have so many emotions! I feel ashamed when I can’t hold them all in.”
“I know exactly what to do with my business, but I just can’t take action!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard these and variations on them but here’s the thing: you feel different because you ARE different. You’re about to discover how that’s cause for celebration!

In just one Human Design Foundation Session you discover how to celebrate and leverage your differences for success in business, health, wealth, and relationships.

A Human Design Foundation session uses your bodygraph, also called your Human Design chart, to clear up confusion and give you the tools to make clear, efficient, and highly effective decisions.

Suddenly all your struggles with money, relationships, health, and spirituality make sense. 
  • That procrastination thing you do is NOT self-sabotage! It’s you staying safe the only way your subconscious knows how.
  • Your restless loneliness has a purpose.
  • Overthinking yourself into overwhelm is what your Mind does when it’s trying to make decisions that it is NOT designed to make.
  • Your ability to see and understand things that other people don’t is REAL!
  • All those emotions? They’re actually rocket fuel for your dreams.
Nothing has ever been a mistake!

We’ll shine a light on why your feelings of being misunderstood, disappointed, frustrated, resentful, and baffled by unfairness are appropriate! We’ll look at how repetitive patterns that seem outside your control have solutions! 

The accuracy of Human Design is mind-blowing! It’s such a relief people often get emotional (bring a box of Kleenex just in case!)

Human Design helps you understand what’s happening in your life and why. No longer are you searching in the darkness for answers on what to do to live a satisfying, peaceful, delightful, successful, and prosperous life. The answers to these questions and more are in your chart!

After just one session with me, you’ll know exactly what to do with your life situations, and even better, you’ll learn how to makes changes that last. 

Human Design can seem so overwhelming in the beginning, am I right?

Let’s simplify –

  • Read the elements below
  • Pick one that fits your struggles best
  • Book in

I’ll focus your session on that area. When we can focus on one area, you gain immediate understanding, and we make a plan for you to get more results.

This session is for you if you’re struggling with physical issues, energy levels, personal and professional relationships, money, and/or sugar addiction. Physical life is tough, and you can’t figure out why. You don’t feel like being in a Body is a good thing.

  • physical discomfort
  • relationship conflicts
  • struggling with money
  • sugar and/or other addictions
  • feeling like you don’t “belong” anywhere
Human Design Earth Reading Four Seasons Tree

The session is for clearing mental confusion, thought spinning, overwhelm, mental fatigue, searching for words, copywriting, writing your book/writer’s block, or sales pages, new subscriber email sequences, etc.

  • Clear confusion
  • Stop mental overwhelm
  • Find structure for all those ideas
  • Copywriting/communication issues
  • Writer’s block
  • Procrastination 

Has your fire gone out? Do you feel coldness and apathy down deep in your bones? This Fire session is for you if passion projects have gone flat, your big why is missing in action, career transitions, or retirement is approaching,  you can’t find a sense of your life’s work. Feeling blah and uninterested in your work, wanting something new but can’t figure out what that might be.

  • Life feels boring
  • You want to do something different but nothing sounds appealing
  • You should be mad about something but feel stuck in the blahs
  • You’ve lost or never had your “why”
  • Everything suddenly feels meaningless
  • You need to change careers but haven’t a clue where to start
  • Your purpose feels distant or hard to grasp

How are you doing feeling all your feels? What emotions do you know you need to allow but you’re resisting? When emotions are overwhelming you, when you’re an empath wanting to learn how to thrive, when you want peace with your feelings, when you are more often upset than peaceful, when anger catches you off guard, when only one or two emotions are allowed to be present in your life, when you’ve been accused of being “cold” or “too emotional or sensitive.”.

  • Emotions go up and down but you don’t have a mental illness
  • You feel like you’re stuck in one or two emotions
  • Grief is not resolving
  • People say “you’re too sensitive” or “too emotional”
  • Emotions seem to overtake you without cause
  • You have a hard time knowing what you feel vs. what others are feeling
  • Sometimes it may feel like you’re an emotional sponge
  • You’re uncomfortable with feeling your so-called “negative” feelings

Have you been staring up at the night sky restless and yearning for something you can’t define? Is life going well, but you know something is missing without knowing how you know it? You’ve explored a lot of traditions but still, feel ungrounded. You’ve done plant medicine ceremonies that still feel disruptive or unintegrated.

  • When feeling internal restlessness that wakes you up at night 
  • Called to open your intuition but don’t know how 
  • Wanting to connect to a sense of Oneness but finding it elusive 
  • Having psychic experiences, both wanted and unwanted 
  • Wanting to connect to plant consciousness, guides, helping spirits
  • Feeling called to learn to channel, and/or mediumship
Water Color Painting of a Heart for Human Design

I’m different from most Human Design Specialists because I meet with everyone live and 1 session can provide enough to work on for 6 months or more! 

I also bring 30+ years of helping people change their lives and a Level 4 Quantum Human Design™ Specialist certification to this session, so you leave with a practical and powerful action plan to immediately implement for your specific issues!

If you want the long “About Me” page just pop over here 


Right here! You will need your birth date, time, and location. Your chart can be confusing but you can join our free Facebook group to ask questions.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all the Human Design details. I certainly felt that way for a long time. This is why I’ve broken it down into five potential areas (listed above) we can focus on your Human Design basics and some of the advanced pieces that may have information about your struggles. Bottom line: focus on your Type, Strategy, Authority, and Profile lines for months: these are what will tangibly change your life.

It’s so important to have the correct time of birth in order to generate a correct chart. In the USA you can contact the Department of Vital Statistics in the county where you were born. If there is anyone who was around at the time you were born try asking them to pinpoint the time as close as possible. Even knowing before 12 noon, or late at night, or in the middle of the night, etc. can help us narrow it down.

I totally understand this which is why I make sure to provide a variety of price points in Human Design 1:1 sessions, recorded classes, groups, and coaching packages for couples or individuals. I have an enormous amount of high-value content available on my blog, a free Facebook group, Sovereign Storytellers podcast), and I post regularly on my social media channels. All of my high-value easily accessible content can help you grow the capacity for wealth and transformation.

Yes, you are. My team and I are committed to creating an inclusive safe environment for all people. We aren’t afraid of hard conversations and are diligently educating ourselves on issues of white privilege, racial justice, LGBTQIA concerns, and those of Black and Indigenous Persons of Color. I can’t promise we will get it right every time and also we don’t expect you to do the heavy lifting of educating us. I can promise we will listen closely and do our best in every moment while recognizing there may be times our best may not be good enough and we’ll adjust accordingly.

If we’ve worked together in the past and you’ve successfully completed a payment plan with me before then most likely yes! You can also consider making a deposit before we start and your first payment by the cut-off for enrollment date. It’s best to schedule a 15-minute call (LINK) or email me a proposal at

I do not offer refunds. I show up as an experienced professional, overdeliver, and always give my best. I expect the same from you. Also, the kind of work we do together and my commitment to total honesty can be uncomfortable at times. If you like, you can read a detailed explanation of my refund policy as well as disclaimer, privacy, terms, and conditions policies HERE.

When you become a Quantum Human Design™ Specialist –
you can enjoy a deeply satisfying career helping others have less conflict in relationships, more financial stability, and dynamic health.

Quantum Human Design™ is a new and transformed Human Design language deliberately engineered, upgraded, and copyrighted by Karen Curry Parker.

Quantum Human Design™ is a powerful system that shows you exactly how to experience more joy while creating your life using laser-focused clarity. It functions as a roadmap showing you where to focus right now so you’re able to create more love, wealth, health, and success in all areas of your life.⁠ 

This new vocabulary makes becoming a Human Design Specialist more satisfying than ever because the language is incredibly empowering and has a higher vibrational frequency. It has become more expansive and expressive which leads to a more comprehensive understanding of who you are which helps fully activate your potential.⁠

Disclaimer: The link below is an affiliate link to the same program with the same incredible teachers that I had. I never recommend anything I don’t use myself.

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