How Being a Manifesting Generator Changed Everything

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Living a Successful and Powerful Life As A Human Design Manifesting Generator

I found myself led to Human Design. I dove into the world of it, found out I am a Manifesting Generator, and my life transformed. All for the better! 

Working with Michelle Wolff, for a while now, I continue to experience realizations.  During the first foundational chart reading with her, I cried.  

I found out that as a Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority (Emotional Manifesting Generator) I needed to let myself really pursue all my passions. It was ok to start things and only finish some of them in true Manifesting Generator style. Finally, I had permission to be who I truly am. I could stop trying to change myself to fit into the world around me. 

Living with my Human Design Manifesting Generator– not against it

As an Emotional Manifesting Generator, I’m designed to skip steps, have numerous interests, and let go of projects when they don’t feel good anymore.  I’m designed to have emotional swings, be curious, and ask a lot of questions. When I follow what lights me up, honor divine timing, and don’t try to force anything- the universe works in my favor. 

Before this awareness of being a Manifesting Generator and what that really means, I beat myself up and should-haved all over myself for not following “the steps”, or staying with “the job,  or listening to the “marketing guru”.  

I’ve learned my mind isn’t the place to make decisions; my body is.  This is big!  My mind brings in all kinds of inspirations and shiny pennies, but that doesn’t mean they are all for me. I can take it all down as it comes in, THEN ask my body if it’s the right time and the right opportunity for me. I no longer waste time putting all my energy and effort into every opportunity which only led to burnout and frustration.

The Open G Center

I have an Open G center and this means I easily connect to others’ ideas and opinions. The Open G Center is true whether or not you are a Manifesting Generator. Because of this connection, I have a tendency to attach myself to these ideas and opinions.  Being mindful of this, I ask the questions, “Is this for me?”  “Does this light me up?” “Is this in Divine timing for me?”

Allowing myself to live with my Manifesting Generator design and consciously working on deconditioning my personal narrative is ongoing.  It’s peeling back the layers and acknowledging the amazing qualities I have to share with the world.

By honoring my Manifesting Generator energy type and my strategy of waiting to respond with Human Design, I received this wonderful gift that’s increased the ease, joy, peace, and fun I get to experience on this Life journey.  

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