How Human Design Allows Me to Live My Life Well

Human Design Manifestor

On my journey to self-discovery, honoring my human design proved itself to be invaluable in helping me get to truly know myself. 

All my life, I have felt different, like I was out of step with most of the people around me. My path always looked and felt different from everyone else’s. I never seemed to take the conventional route. I often questioned why I couldn’t just go along with the crowd and do the things everyone else did. I thought it would make my life easier, but when I tried, it never did. 

How Being a Manifesting Generator Changed Everything

made with love skin care manifesting generator

Living a Successful and Powerful Life As A Human Design Manifesting Generator I found myself led to Human Design. I dove into the world of it, found out I am a Manifesting Generator, and my life transformed. All for the better!  Working with Michelle Wolff, for a while now, I continue to experience realizations.  During […]

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