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So You’re A Human Design Projector: Do You Remember How to Play?

One of the core principles for success if you’re a Human Design Projector is to “Wait for the invitation! And while you wait, go play and have fun!”

What?!? What do you mean?

I don’t get it. 


Another way to look at the same principle is “Stop working on that To-Do list and go have fun!” 

I try to let this sink in.  

But what about the list? If I don’t work on this list, it will get longer. Fun? Do I know how to have fun? Why, of course, I know how to have fun, right? Wait…do I? What do I like to do? All work and no play? 

Do I have actually to remember how to play? That doesn’t sound fun. 

What is fun anyway?

How does this fit into being a Human Design Projector?

I remember what I enjoyed doing as a child – things like swinging in a swing, doing cartwheels on the grass, and I was a pro at hula hooping. Off to the playground!

I sit on a swing and begin to pump my legs. Yes! I love the feeling of flying high with the wind in my hair and wondering how far I can go before I wrap the swing chains around the bar above. Laughing in the sunshine on the swing feels incredible. I can feel my body filling with joy. This might be what fun feels like. Next, I’ll try a cartwheel. Hmmm… that’s not as easy as it once seemed. Perhaps I’ll move on to hula hooping. Nope. I thought that would be like riding a bike, but I’ve definitely lost that skill. I will say it was fun trying those things and connecting with my inner child. Mental note to relearn to hula hoop at a later date. What next?

As a Human Design Projector, I’m meant to relax and play while I wait for the next invitation to catch my attention. I enjoy going for a walk in nature, connecting with the trees, the sky, and the wind and listening to the wildlife scurrying around me. In nature, I can listen and hear my higher self, my ancestors, and find my joy. Outdoors I can get out of my head and feel with my heart. So, off I go into the woods to sit on a big rock and get quiet.

What does my adult self like to do? I enjoy crafting of all sorts – little kiddie craft kits, scrapbooking, making energy-infused dream catchers, art with clay, paints, markers – pretty much anything goes. I take a deep dive into having fun with art. I go old school and retro with macrame. I remember that I love learning, pretty much anything, and it is tons of fun. 

Wait… I am having fun.

Giving myself permission to have fun has been one of the most eye-opening experiences. Tapping into my creative gifts is certainly more fun than crossing off that To-Do list- and it allows me to honor my Human Design Projector nature. 

This is only the beginning. It’s been a process of two steps forward and one step back. Sometimes I slip back into doing and not playing, but I catch myself more quickly each time. Life is a learning process, and I embrace it even in the most challenging times. The fun and play have helped to lighten things up for me. My day is no longer a list of things to complete but a list of things to experience. 

So, do you remember how to play?

Do you feel like you’ve been all work and no play? Have you felt the need for more fun in your life? Are you looking for an opportunity to get those creative juices flowing?

Join me for a fun and creative “play shop”, Candle Magick. As I come to a close, Summer Solstice will soon be upon us, and it’s a terrific time to set your intentions for warm weather fun and creation. If you’re reading this after 6/20/22, it’s recorded and can be done any time you feel inspired or need inspiration. Grab a few supplies, which you probably already have in your kitchen, and a white candle will get you started. 

image of the storefront for Kim Erickson Human Design Projector Candle Magick course

Check it out at my website under Shop and find Summer Candle Magick. There is also a ​bundle offer for all seasons (and gift giving), so you can purchase anytime you feel the call for more creative fun and play in your life. 

Connect with me; you’re always invited!

Blessings and Love,

Human Design Projector with Self-Directed Authority and Profile 2/4 (Whew! That’s a mouthful.)

When you’re ready to play with having an in-depth Human Design reading feel free to book with Michelle Wolff.

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