End procrastination, get answers, stay motivated,
and get sh*t done!

Don’t try to go it alone in your business! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but getting your work done is HARD when you’re trying to do it all alone! 

How many times have you asked or heard these?

  • “I’ve bought so many courses, but as soon as the course is over I lose momentum and quit.”  
  • “How do people stop procrastinating? I’ve tried everything to make a list and stick to it for my business, but nothing works!”
  • “How can I create content when I’m not feeling energized?”
  • “How does my Human Design fit into manifesting my goals and dreams?”
  • “I just need a little help with my website!”
  • “It’s lonely out here as an entrepreneur!”
  • “I need some help with the words for my products and services.”
  • “I have loads of ideas, but overwhelm derails me. I need help prioritizing!”

The answer to all these questions and more are found in
The Solution Salon

The Solution Salon is a twice-monthly meeting of like-minded people who need answers to tech and biz questions, want to get and give support, and brainstorm real-time solutions to problems! 

We use:

  • my proven successful 24-hour Business Plan
  • nervous system tools
  • marketing techniques
  • mindset work
  • planning that works with neurodivergence
  • body-doubling
  • Human Design info
  • group energy

    plus my 25+ years of experience helping people achieve tangible results on their projects.

The Solution Salon gives you a place to focus, find clarity, practical assistance, and group support!

Let's meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 1 - 2:30 PM EST

You bring your questions, struggles, and goals, and I’ll guide you with 25 years of experience and, in true Projector fashion, to completion. And if I don’t know – I’ll find you someone who does!

Ready for support, answers, motivation, and laughter? Enroll now!

What changes when I work with my Human Design?

1. cohesive and effective marketing strategy language and timing of posts

2. increased sales/revenue

3. skills for training your nervous system to handle being “seen” and to be comfortable with more money

4. stop desperate hustling so there’s a sense of ease (business isn’t supposed to make you miserable!)

5. create content with joy rather than dreading it and procrastinating 

6. start live-streaming and/or video content creation

7. learning strategies to end the hold Imposter Syndrome, shame, fear, generational patterns, and more have on your creativity and energy for production

Visit my home page and explore getting a Human Design Foundation session. They’re broken down into Elements sp simply choose the description that fits you best.

There are always several people in every group who don’t have businesses. Maybe they’re exploring ideas for career changes, writing a book, working on healthy weight loss plans, creating course content, or any number of things. Bottom line? If you have a goal that you keep procrastinating about completing then this is the place to be!

The Solution Salon is affordably priced because we do everything as a group. Questions, concerns, issues need to be posted in the group Facebook page in-between sessions. Clarity Sessions or The Confusion Cure (copywriting/editing) are available for 1:1 work.

I hear you! At this time the group is using Facebook to have a group space in between meetings. The plan is to move to a forum or other platform in 2023. The collective energy uplifts everyone and amplifies the process of change like no other process. I highly encourage you to consider joining as it is so incredibly different. People rarely miss a live class which makes the energy alive and electric. You’re never required to be on Facebook to share or be coached and you will never be pressured in any way to participate. Feel free to be quiet and work in the background or practice speaking up and asking for what you want and need!

First of all we’ll miss you! You’ll miss the opportunity to be coached but all the classes are recorded and accessible to you within 72 hours.

I totally understand this which is why I make sure to provide a variety of price points in Human Design 1:1 sessions, recorded classes, and coaching packages for couples or individuals. I have an enormous amount of high-value content available on my blog, a free Facebook group, Sovereign Storytellers podcast, and on my social media channels. All of my high-value easily accessible content can help you grow the capacity for wealth and transformation.

Yes, you are. My team and I are committed to creating an inclusive safe environment for all people. We aren’t afraid of hard conversations and are diligently educating ourselves on issues of white privilege, racial justice, LGBTQIA concerns, and those of Black Indigenous Persons of Color. I can’t promise we will get it right and we don’t expect you to do the heavy lifting of educating us. I can promise we will listen closely and do our best in every moment while recognizing there may be times our best may not be good enough and we’ll adjust accordingly.